An unreached peoples initiative.

Become an Advocate

A people group advocate recognizes that there are certain people groups in the world that do not have adequate access to the Gospel through which they can know and understand the message of Jesus Christ. There is no viable body of believers among them with adequate numbers or resources to evangelize the people group.

These people groups need advocates who will:

  • Make the needs of this people group known to their Christian friends
  • Pray for the people group
  • Give to ministries which target this people group
  • Go themselves to be a witness—a modern day apostle—to this people group

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People group advocates would pray the following on behalf of the people group for which they advocate:


  • Call modern day apostles to take the message of Christ to them.
  • Reveal culturally relevant and effective strategies for presenting the Gospel.
  • Provide access to the group: “a presence among the people.”
  • Break down barriers between the people group and the Gospel: political, religious, cultural, and prejudice.
  • Prepare the hearts of the people to hear and receive the message of Christ through dreams, spiritual hunger, dissatisfaction with their current belief system, and exposure to nearby Christian cultures.
  • Lead people to provide financial resources to fund ministry to the people group.

If you believe that God is calling you to become an advocate for a Priority 31 people group, fill out the form below and let us know.  We’ll be contacting you in the future with reminders to pray and additional information about Priority 31 and your chosen people group.

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